Oleg Girenko is a co-founder of LIPSKY.MAN

conversation with Yoshi Fujiwara in Lipsky.Man
Oleg Girenko is a co-founder of LIPSKY.MAN, the owner of his line of barbershops and a master of men's haircuts and hairstyles. At the beginning of his career, Oleg felt that barbering was his vocation. In the art of hairdressing, he started when he was 17 years old, and at 22 he opened his first barbershop, which grew into a network.
Oleg managed successfully to combine hairdressing skills with organizational and managerial skills. Now he is engaged in business and conducts master classes for hairdressers throughout Ukraine.

Oleg has many professional awards and achievements:

  • in 2015 he took third place in the qualifying round for the Barbercup;

  • in 2016 - first place in the third qualifying round and second place in the Barbercup final;

  • in 2019 - first place at the Ukrainian Hairdressing Championship in the Fade nomination.

But this is not the end of his achievements. Now Oleg is the co-founder and ambassador of the men's hairdresser LIPSKY.MAN, the owner of a network of barbershops. Every day our co-founder improves his skills as a master and entrepreneur. His schedule also always has a place for hobbies and vocations - to pass knowledge to others. That is why Oleg often shares his experience with our masters. He constantly monitors world trends in the art of hairdressing and skillfully implements them.
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