Novators and team players: Oleg Kravchenko about color, wine machine and what to drink in the summer

Oleg Kravchenko in Lipsky.Man
Let's start with an important point: charity. WinBar has its charity projects. What is the place for charity in your heart and what is a charity project of your dream?

Charity is extremely important. This is because of a certain awareness that comes with age. On the other hand, more and more people are talking about this phenomenon in our country, and there are more and more products like Courage Bazar where I can just bring things or participate there several times, and the money goes to the intended purpose. What we do at WinBar is a part of the global movement. I would not say that this is really big money, but I can really see the result they are bringing. Each time, I feel more and more that this is a part of my life.

Talking about a dream project, charity is not my primary concern. The question is rather complicated. I would share my life experiences with people who would like to start a new life in business. On the other hand, I would go for the option of collecting certain things and selecting a wardrobe for people who need it. I see that in my social circle this is in excess, and someone may really need it. All in all, it is a moment of conscious consumption and for me it is a very close topic. And also, I want to create an auction, where lots would be wine or rare alcohol. And the money would go to charity.
Oleg Kravchenko in Lipsky.Man
The moment that, frankly speaking, just struck us: You made a bar together with 3 other people. People are different. How does it work and what is a teamwork for you?

We made this consciously, because we realized that we could create a unique product in this exact format (two sommeliers and two designers). Looking at the result now I understand that it was the right decision. Yes, we are all really different: in temperament, contacts, lifestyle. However, thanks to the division of responsibilities/functions and having a manager who organizes and checks the things, everything works out. I would not say that it's easy. We argue, everyone has their own vision about things like menu or hours of operation. We manage to interact. We joke that this is just because we have not yet earned the project back.

How is wine in Ukraine?

For me, wine is the way of life. Wine culture in Ukraine is growing. Wine bars will not be as strong as cocktail ones because these are different cultures and they were started differently. We wanted to create something that was not present in the country, because the things we already had did not suit us for 100%.
Oleg Kravchenko in Lipsky.Man
What to drink in the summer?

I'm just back from desserts and wines tasting, most of the vines were dry and semi-dry, but since there was nothing sweet, it all went well with the desserts. For me, it was something extraordinary, since I was more accustomed to combining desserts with wines like Porto, Madeira, perhaps muscats. Summer is made for light wines. There are two types of wine: sparkling and pink. If it is pink - it may be from the south of France, with the bright aroma of ripe red berries: strawberries, raspberries. Sparkling, from Prosecco to Champagne, through Cava. Well, white. Don't stop at hits like the New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. You can go a little further: the Italian Vermentino of Tuscany, Liguria or Sardinia; Wonderful Spanish Verdejo. At our bar, we want guests to get acquainted with the new things and we want them to travel through that taste, not just selling the classics. It is worth developing the flavors.

Essentially: Cava or Prosecco?

Cava. It is more gastronomic and better combined with food.

The story of the best booze?

It was quite recently. My friend and I went to a 2CELLOS concert, then decided to go and have a drink. It was LeSilpo, where there is a great option - a wine bar, and we love to stay there, thanks to Marco Cervetti, the brand's head chef. We sat down so well that they drank 4 bottles of wine for the night. Luckily the wines were light! It was a kind of tasting, as we tasted the new ones: the Spanish Verdejo Sauvignon Blanc, the Albariano of Galicia, the Verdicchio del Dastello di Jesi and the Portuguese Vinho Verde. These are the top hits of the summer! In the morning I felt good!

Tell us about such an unusual thing as a wine machine.

This is an innovative thing which is available at our place only. We were making a design for a long time, and it was relatively expensive because the refrigeration units were assembled separately, the towers and other elements were assembled separately as well. Vine machine is a popular thing. Firstly, it is an eco product because we are moving away from a bottle, cork and label. 20 liters of such wine saves up to 1 ton of garbage. Do not dispose of bottles, it is better to transport them. Secondly, wine is becoming more affordable as we save up to 30% on the purchase price through packaging. Thirdly, the right temperature is very important, especially in summer. After all, when you bring a warm glass, which is being poured with not fully chilled wine - all the impression is smeared. It pours VERY fast. There was a case when the guests came and I was standing at the bar. Their order was ready in 30 seconds. They were very surprised because they had been carrying wine for 40 minutes in a previous bar. It was a wow effect. Many restaurateurs and guests look and ask what it is. This is a product of the future. The facts I have already listed play an important role. It also saves storage. Well, affordability - in WinBar the glass of wine starts from 75 UAH.

Let's talk about the music and wine pairing. Tell us what is your favorite album and which wine suits it the best?

There was sort of experiment for me: at one of the festivals I was picking wine with the music compositions performed by the guitarist and saxophonist. I like to listen to completely different music, it depends on the mood. Let's suppose, with Nirvana, I would serve a rich, explosive red wine, Australian Shiraz: dark berries, spices, power!
Oleg Kravchenko in Lipsky.Man
How get dirty nicely?

Probably, you should take a glass of red wine and pour it fast on the white T-shirt!

Wine and clothing. What is your favorite wardrobe item and what would you drink when wearing it?

In the summer, I like bright pants. I have some sort of pink ones, I call this color SANDZHOVEZE. I would definitely combine it with this wine from Tuscany. Good classic like Chianti.

We often play board games with wine. How relevant is it and what is your favorite board game or game in general?

The wine is better combined with good company and the game as well. The main thing is to drink wine in a good mood! And don't forget about food. There is a game made by my friends - WineSpiration. It's a game of wine and quizzes.

What is your favorite movie?

I love movies where there is a lot of humor and those that evoke emotions. I was very touched by the movie "Life is Beautiful"! It's about how a father got into a concentration camp with his son and showed it all to him in the form of a game in order to protect him from all the horrors. There's a happy ending there!

How to not mess up a date?

If you go to a restaurant, you should know in advance what is this restaurant like. You should also understand why you are going on a date at all. Never get drunk!
Oleg Kravchenko in Lipsky.Man
You and your wife have evenings that you spend with each other. How to make a great date night?

We really like to start the evening at the restaurant, then move on to the cinema and continue with a bottle of wine there. We start with, let's say, sparkling, and then, moving to the same "October", we are going for something more saturated. With a good mood and great pleasure.

What is your favorite book?

"Master and Margarita". Because everything is interwoven there as well.

If not wine, then what?

Everything with berries and grapes! Grappa, chacha, cognac…

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