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conversation with Vasilyevich in Lipsky.Man
Talking to a person who has lived for a long time is always a great opportunity to get new thoughts that can be useful for you. Dialogue with Viktor Vasilyevich is a good example of how to live life well. We are talking about friendship, career and important things that should be put into one word.
Who do you consider a great person?

My mother.

And not considering the mother?

Friends. Not all, of course. Those you are most devoted, from my childhood.

What is a friend for you?

The one who keeps promises and does the right thing.

What defines a person?

Decency in relation to family, friends, inner circle.

When did you feel that you are human?

When I started to understand who I was, what I was doing.

What does self betrayal mean for you? And how bad is it to betray yourself if it is done for the sake of the global good?

The most valuable thing in life is kindness, love and decency, but unfortunately, most do not have this understanding now. You cannot go against yourself.

What is more important, to stand on principle or to find a compromise?

I used to act sharp, and ambition were overcoming the rationality. Now, with experience, I reflect and analyze more. If you see a really good solution - stick to it. The main thing is not to hurt others. I stand on principle, but it's more of a moral principle. In fact, it all depends on the situation.

In this matter, do you see the connection with the military career you were involved in?

I'm not a military man at heart, I'm a doctor more. I wanted to be a good doctor, and I was willing not to get rank, but to become a professional to pass on the experience and knowledge to my colleagues.

I have one friend who works at an ambulance. One day I asked him, "Do you realize you are doing a great job?" He replied that he did not notice this and it became just a routine for him. Didn't you feel like this? Did you enjoy doing good to people?

Generally, I agree with his attitude to this. Of course, he does a great job, but he doesn't think about it. My friends say to me, "You've done so much good." And I don't remember everything because I just did. I enjoy the job by default, let's say.
When I was working in the ministry, the main question I had was "Will I be able to practice?" I didn't want to do just paperwork. And I was allowed to take shifts, to operate. Every leader has to WORK.
conversation with Vasilyevich in Lipsky.Man
How do you feel about the current healthcare system?

It looks unprofessional now. When the new team came to the ministry, they had to look around, then realize they were out of place, and leave. That is a problem from and to.

What is more important, thought or action?

It's hard to say. Impuls - this is where it all begins. I am all for the "do it as soon as you thought of it" approach. And even if it doesn't work out, you still have to try different approaches. It obliges and puts you in the best light.

What are qualities that people lack nowadays?

Basic: mercy.

Me and you, we are from different generations. Is our generation worse in human terms?

No. You become wise earlier. However, you don't take into account our experience: your faces are blurred sometimes. This is not always good, especially in physical terms. The health of your generation leaves much to be desired! Your generation lacks clean air, clean water and free time.

How did you build your circle of friends?

It is very difficult and time consuming. Everyone's approach is different. The first meeting solves many things. And in general friendship is a sort of personnel issue.

Does talented people need help?

Yes, absolutely! If I see that a person really wants to achieve something and has a talent, but not all the possibilities, I will always ready to help.

What is your favorite book?

There are many of them. I prefer the "old library". Contemporary literature does not fit me. I try to understand it, but I feel it is not a work of art. Different story is Shakespeare, Tolstoy, Yesenin…

What is art for you?

Art is something incredible, it should touch and go beyond the routine. Most likely, art in its purest form cannot be serial.
conversation with Vasilyevich in Lipsky.Man
How would you describe yourself in one word?

It is very difficult to put everything in one word. There are so many words in my head now! In fact, it's better to say "action", it would be more effective. So yes, ACTION.

One word that should appeal to all people?

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