About concentration, right people and favorite little things. Talking with Sergiy Fedorenko, Commercial Director of Ukrgasvydobytok

Sergiy Fedorenko in Lipsky.Man
A system person is a great interlocutor, since on the one hand, it is very interesting to learn what is "right", and on the other - in which direction it is allowed to depart from this "right". Sergiy Fedorenko talks about his musical memories, his vision of beauty and how to create a complex world that will survive the creator.
Let's start with the basic question that was regularly found in Andy Warhol's Interview Magazine: what did you eat this morning, how did your morning begin?

Oh you all start with such interesting questions! Usually, as it is today, there are eggs, tomatoes, sausages. Today there was a fruit puree and cappuccino as well.

Now let's talk about one really important thing: the cover of the Garage magazine once included the phrase of John Baldessari: "I Will Not Make Any More Boring Art". If you were into art, what would it look like?

That would be painting. More likely, Impressionism. With the mandatory passing of the test: me and any other person who wants to do something unusual. "In order not to paint like everyone else, you should learn to better do things in the traditional style". If you can't fell trees properly, then don't make any wooden structure.

Who is your favorite artist?

I wouldn't say that I am a great expert in painting. I really love Matisse, this is what comes close to me. But nothing from the modern-international.

Even Hirst?

You may look at cows cutting in half or someone else in formalin, well, that's it.

What is more important, form or idea?

The idea is much more important. Because few can create them.
Sergiy Fedorenko in Lipsky.Man
Who are you watching online?

I would not be original: I watch Dud, some of the hype channels and battles. Oxymoron is closer to me, but I would not say that I am evolved much in this. From the Dud interviews, you may often tell when he invites people just for views, and when he is really interested.

Then what is your favourite interview from the most recent ones?


Because of the sympathy for the person or because the interview is good?

Because it is a really nice interview. Sometimes he talks posh, but there are some fresh ideas. The part with the MTV team or with Venediktov… You can see how the era absorbs people, stagnation in action!

What was the last TV series you watched?

I watch many serials in parallel, because not all of them present a sufficient number of episodes at once. The latest was Billions, the first series of the new season.

Are you a fan of watching all series at a time?

Yes, it's hard for me to wait every week, keep track, remember.
Sergiy Fedorenko in Lipsky.Man
And what about the "House of cards"?

The first two seasons were great and cool, just a breakthrough! Then everything changed, because it became too similar to the truth, it just goes beyond "artistic speculation".

Let's talk about the harassment: Is Kevin Spacey convicted of deed or just on the wave of this matter?

Honestly, I'm not ready to judge anyone. I cannot understand the legal meanings of the MeToo, for example. To me, Kevin Spacey was like that - a person with something hidden inside after "American Beauty". He seemed to be playing himself.

What do you think about Posner? Is he already leaning back?

He is for a different audience. He's good where appropriate.

Which of our contemporaries do you listen to?

I listen to TARTAK, EPOLETS, I can listen to many people, everything is different - from "Kaspiyskiy gruz" to "Luna".

If you were told to pick one album that would remain in your playlist, what would it be?

Album of Ocean Elzy (2004-2005). My student years. Orange Revolution. Memories of youth.

Is it mostly about good music or still about memories?

It's about music that is in time.
Sergiy Fedorenko in Lipsky.Man
Which brand do you wear most often?

Everything is extremely democratic: mass-market (Massimo Dutti, Roy Robson), and of the most "single things" - it is individual tailoring. it is so cool when you reward yourself.

Are you a fan of the approach of rewarding yourself with material things?

In general, I have a quite traditional approach to money, it is more of pensioners: up to 50% is setting aside, saved and invested. Then you can spend what is left. It includes rewarding yourself for the efforts you make to earn money.

How can I teach myself to save at least 30%?

If you do not have a wife who does this for you, you should have a card account that is automatically charged this amount.

That means to hide from yourself?


If to choose from the hypest brands, what do you wear, Balenciaga or Vetements?

I do not keep track of fashion weeks, for me it is more likely to be associated with long queues of Asian tourists in any major department store. It is better to keep an eye on some small local brands that appear in Ukraine. For example, Ted Baker. Balenciaga ... With their wide shapes and ugly sneakers, it's not mine.

Are you a person of offline or online shopping?

Offline. I can buy some simple items online if I know what that looks like for sure. In general, I need to touch, breathe in the smell, try it on…

Cats or dogs?

Dogs. A friend can be small, true, big ... And he is faithful. A reliable ally. And cats - they are always on their own and not predicted. I do not like unpredictability.

How do you feel about rumors and intrigues about yourself related to personal issues, and not to the working moments?

If it is a work related criticism, I accept it since it makes sense because you can grow. And let personal be personal.

Let's say you have a choice: to expose a friend who is a valuable employee but he had committed misconduct or to cover for him? What will you choose?

I discipline and encourage all of my valuable employees by myself. And this is work without long-term loyalty. Just over time, patience is getting stronger.

Have you had moments when you were tired of believing in people, in the good tomorrow, the good today?

Of course, those are the minutes of depression.

How is it going with you? Because it doesn't happen to everyone, and it happens differently. They don't usually talk about this in public, but let's try.

This happens periodically. I have a workaholic nature and with this workaholism I get to infect others. And when it doesn't work out as fast and as well as I want, the "self-torture room" begins. But there is an outlet for me - my family.

Does your family judge you for hard work?

Sometimes, but I try to find a balance. We discuss how and why I work and what we have to do with it.

Don't you think this is not fair to you: explaining something that should be obvious. I mean, you do this for their benefit as well?

No, everything is pretty clear about that and I don't neglect it, even if it sounds a bit cynical. We have certain benefits, because I live my life in a certain way. Everyone understands it, everyone is grateful.

What was the last book you read?

Now I'm reading "The first player to prepare."

Why such an obvious popular-science film in the context of the movie premiere calendar?

Because I was at a concert of Polozhynsky, he advised me to read the book before watching the movie.

And what is your favorite book? If you can access to one book only.

It's a fantasy, Henry Lion Oldie, "The Hero Must Die." I'm still re-reading it. I have a plan for reading new books, but my inner autist makes me read old texts, it soothes me a lot.

In "Anna Karenina", are you Karenin or Vronsky?


Vronsky or Levin?


What's so special about Vronsky?

Passion, adventurism. I am quite a calm person, even phlegmatic, but behind this lies an inner passion.

Do you have a sympathy for Anna?

No, everyone pays for what they have done. Now, by the way, I'm still reading The Time of Berezovsky, and this book works better than business books!
Sergiy Fedorenko in Lipsky.Man
In the last 5 years, have you changed your mind about anything? Politics, lifestyle, maybe your favorite color?

Yes. It's quite simple: I've changed my mind about our geographical neighbors.

I noticed a knife in your pocket. Why? The neighborhood where we are now is really safe.

Habit. A knife is the small thing you can use to cut a sausage, scrape off a pine, open a beer… And protect your life.

When was the last time you fought?

About 5 years ago, the classic Need for Speed, as a result, a road accident with a drunk company.

How do you feel about patriotism?

Positively. The main thing - not to cover all the worst with it.

And where is the border of patriotism? Do you feel a tense situation now?

Patriotism for me is to make sure that everybody in your country is living a good life, from that's all. As it is in the US, which is a melting pot that has the chance to make dreams come true.

Is everyone well always?


What is a food you never get bored of? Of course, you would be bored, but what could you deal with?

A piece of meat, medium rare.

One beauty product?

My favorite shampoo Matis.

And what is your favorite scent?

My favorite scent is sandal, Jo Malone. Spicy oriental scents - that's totally mine!

What is the power of a mini approach in business?

There is a basic goal that can be divided on your discretion. The main thing is to concentrate on the product. To make people surprised, not just satisfied.

Did you have a perfect date in your life?

Yes, it was the perfect combination of place, circumstances... It might be better, but the situation is just canonical: I made an offer to my wife, in the south of France, at a restaurant by the sea, in the background - the walls of the fortress and yacht sails. Evening, vineyards, seafood and white wine on the table. Classic! Only the Eiffel Tower can compete here.

If we could move now anywhere on Earth, where would you go?

New Zealand. I want to see these colors, the differences of the natural zones that we saw in the Lord of the Rings.

Who is your favorite filmmaker? Even so: who would make a movie about you? And who would play?

It would be great if Del Toro did this: one played, while the other one shot. Too bad I don't look Hispanic.

I really love people who create the universes that live after them. The idea must live!

Don't you think that an idea left without the control of its creator turns into something disgusting?

It all depends on the creator and the way he starts it. Often people put their lives on it. It is important to give your full impact so that people can only ask you to continue.

This is a strange question, because it is based on the reference to the song Cher: Do you believe in life after love?


Let's move on to canonical women: who of the celebrities who have already died would you date?

Sounds like necrophilia!

Well, it is more about concept. We have an interesting mental component! Cher - she is on the verge of…

Audrey Hepburn! I have a weakness for petite, sincere, bright girls. When looking at those she played, my instinct for the defender is triggered.

That is, you should have been expected to appear in the last scene of Breakfast at Tiffany's?


In general, what's the power?

In the value of interests. If you have it and if you can find people like you, then you can be confident and go with this through life.

Is it easy for you to see through people?

I love physiognomy and can quickly identify all major risks of a person. I immediately make a note in my head with the heading "What to expect."
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