About vitamins, football and ambitions: Alexander Egorov brings all his experience to our conversation

Conversation with Alexander Egorov in Lipsky.Man
From any possible hairstyle, which one would you choose?

I have curly hair and this is an age-old question: people with straight hair want to curl it, and us, people with curly hair, want to get it straightened. On vacation, and wherever I don't need an office look, I try to give my hair a break. The image from the movie "Return to the Blue Lagoon" or, let's say, the hair style of Orlando Bloom - this is exactly what I need! Perfect - when it is a good and simple haircut.

What might a winter beauty look like?

Having expertise in pharmaceuticals and sports, I can boldly say: it's worth stocking up on natural vitamins! That is, to consume as many seasonal foods as possible. And the sun! But with the hair you'd need to work separately, because it suffers greatly during the summer.

What will you do in the fall?

We are planning to open new football schools and work in the pharmaceutical field together with the European partners.

Why is it important for you to work with children towards sports?

I am a football player in the past and have gone through several football schools. I also played in the English Premier League before the injury. After that, I stopped playing sports that much and got an economic education at the London School of Economics. But eventually the football past made itself felt. Still, I have a lot of contacts and friends. So 5 years ago we created a football agency that would help talents grow.
As a result, we came to the idea of creating a really good football academy, following the European example.
Where people could grow, share experiences, and football player personnel as a whole could overcome the small gap that exists now.

The project exists for a year already and we see the result.

As a result, we came to a system where we complete the circle: those who are from 7 to 17 years old study at the academy, while those over 17 years old come to the agency where we employ them.

Also, there will be another project for ages from 2 to 6. And now the circle has completed for sure;)

How do you feel about men's decorative cosmetics?

I have not tried it. There is no reason I'd use it now. A good hair conditioner is much more important, as well as shower gel and so on. Well, sports cosmetics. For vessels in particular.

Returning to my pharmaceutical experience, there are now many new supplements, vitamins and other things. Beauty comes from within, beginning with the base - with vitamins.

Generally speaking, women are bolder and smarter in this matter: it's been a while they have learned how to cope with this at different levels. But men still have to grow in this regard!
Actually, this surge of interest in a healthy life suggests that people now began to devote more time to themselves and their desire to look and feel good has increased. Great, isn't it?
What vitamins do you take?

There is a good brand that has a wide range of vitamins depending on the needs. I always consult my physician! Any kind of medicines you take, even vitamins, should be checked by specialists.

You can do it yourself, but let's just all agree: you're unlikely to cut your own hair! Everybody's got to do their job!

Stress cannot be avoided. Is stress the engine of progress?

No. Three years ago, I broke up with a business partner. To me, progress means leaving the comfort zone. If someone cannot do this on their own (to leave the comfort zone), stress is needed. If a person needs constant movement by default – stress is not necessary.

I am choleric, so stress can lead me to a slowdown. I do not like to stay in a comfort zone. In fact, this is laziness!
Self-motivation is the engine of progress. Find a job that suits you and you'll never have to work a day in your life.
How much fun to be in life?

Endlessly! When I was in Portugal, I saw a sign that I really liked: "Laugh as much as possible and never be sad about what made you laugh." You should be thankful for everything that happens to you.

Where does the path of extreme lead?

Every day we walk along the edge of a dangerous razor. An extreme path can lead to a result that a person himself wants to get! Every day is a challenge and you should not play too long: you can fall off the blade and cut yourself badly. All extremes must be felt intuitively. It's important to be able to tell yourself "enough for now". Lack of borders is fatal.

Why does our time look like this and not otherwise?

Because every second is different from the past. You should stay in the moment and get the most out of it. It should be interesting and great for everyone! Since these are our unique moments. You should not waste your time on bad things!
Conversation with Alexander Egorov in Lipsky.Man
What is your most important meeting in life?

Now I'll single out someone, and others will be offended!

There were many meetings and many were important. It's better to highlight a category: the most important meetings for me are with people who have taught me something. This is, after all, coming into being, getting experience.
Meetings with those who make you bigger are important!
I like the Asian mentoring approach. Teacher-student: this is the way when you first learn and then teach. And so far I can't say that I can start teaching.

No, the most important meeting is yet to come!

Are we all students and teachers to each other?

Probably not. I had a period in life when it seemed to me that I knew everything and would now teach everyone. In fact, only a small number of people can be teachers through their achievements and wisdom.

It is a little destructive and narcissistic to be teachers to each other. It is good to give people advice, of course, but there are situations when a person have to make a decision and this intervention will not be good.

Do no harm!

How to deal with unhealthy ambitions?

Conversation with Alexander Egorov in Lipsky.Man
As soon as the crown grows, scratching the vault of heaven, it is worth finding a teacher who will cut it off with a torch!
But it is important not to confuse them with healthy ones. And in this regard, I was lucky.

The more adequate and interesting the goal, the quieter the path of embodiment. You should just be quiet about it.

Honesty also helps to deal with this. Although we all have problems with this. Honesty in everything for me is the most important thing.

What will you eat tomorrow for breakfast?

Tomorrow will be tomorrow!
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