Some non-obvious facts: brief overview of how to take care of the scalp

Volodymyr Yaroslavsky in Lipsky.Man
Taking care of the personal appearance is a good tone. Volodymyr Yaroslavsky, Good Wine's brand chef and chef/managing partner at the Lucky Restaurant, has been without hair for quite some time. For just 12 years.

You were probably wondering, what people with such a hairstyle do? Here are some tips from Lipsky:

  • The skin really needs moisturizing as it gets rough from frequent shaving.

  • Oddly enough, but if you tend to have a dandruff, you should use shampoo against it.

  • When shaving your head with a sharp razor it is recommended to use antiseptics to prevent irritation.

  • You can use talcum powder to hide the shiny skin, but it should not be abused as it clogs the pores.

  • It is necessary to protect the skin from the sun in the summer using a sunscreen. It is recommended to wear hats and use nourishing creams and oils.
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