Talking with restaurateur Valery Zaitsev: about hobbies, thieves and relativity concepts

Valery Zaitsev in Lipsky.Man
Last summer, Valery Zaitsev (restaurateur) married Tatiana Bogdan. The wedding was absolutely wonderful! What is behind a strong relationship, how to hunt for truffles properly and what to eat in the summer? Let's talk about this right now!
What is your relationship based on? And how to build it at all?

But what is right? Everyone has their own "right". I try not to use this word at all, because "who is the judge?"

Ok, I'll rephrase it: how should harmonious relationships be built to be comfortable?

Nothing but respect for each other. Respect, understanding, support at times when needed. Everything is quite simple.

Do you help your wife (Tatiana Bogdan) with her work? By help, I also mean criticism, because criticism is a significant component of any creative or business process.

I criticize what I see and say a lot. Most likely, women prefer to listen to what they want to hear. This is not fair. Playing games, trying to please everyone is more about the first stages of a relationship. Then comes the moment when sincerity is first.
Valery Zaitsev in Lipsky.Man
Does Tatyana influence your style?

No. We have the opposite taste in clothing. This is not bad and not good. She's more classic, but that's not what I'm. We don't get into each other's wardrobes. There are no moments like "If you wear this, I will not go with you!" What is the most important in clothes? Comfort! If the thing is not comfortable, we don't wear it.

What brand would you wear if you were to choose just one?

I don't even want to think about it. It is quite silly not to change. It was the time when I also wore everyone's favorite GUCCI, Dolce&Gabbana and so on. Then I loved classics like TOM FORD, and today this is avant-garde. And it is possible that I will be back to TOM FORD soon! I don't have any sort of the concentration on one brand. It all depends on the occasion. If I'd need to go to a wedding - I'll choose a tuxedo and so on. There are no boundaries.

Who is the coolest in Ukraine? Among your contemporaries, who is your example? Are there any?

There are so many talented people around! I can't single out just one.
Valery Zaitsev in Lipsky.Man
What to eat in the summer?

Vegetables and fruits. In general, eating seasonal foods is great, I'm an absolute fan of this approach. When there were berries - I was eating berries, tomatoes would be coming soon - I will then concentrate on that. Of course, you can find these things all year round, but the taste is not the same.

Truffle hunting. Are you still doing this?

It's a hobby. Since we talk about the seasons, the truffle season in Italy is the end of October and the beginning of November. And it's a pleasure: going to Piedmont during this period every year just to enjoy a fragrant, fresh, ripe truffle. And hunting is fun. You come, talk to a hunter (because it is impossible to do this on your own, since it is considered poaching), you pick a dog… Someone chooses fishing, but that is my choice.

What's your favorite dish with truffle?

It's quite obvious, I didn't invent it. This is the "My Most Important Dinner" book. One of the chiefs who tells the story of one of his dinners in this book, said he would eat homemade fresh bread, toasted, drizzled with olive oil and truffle (it's not even important is it white or black). The coolest things are always simple.

In your opinion, why do people lie?

To be liked.

What is your perfect day?

To wake up without an alarm. I can afford it now, though there was a period when it was a challenge, because I had to get up earlier, do what I didn't want to do, and so on. And it's not that I'm sleeping until 1 pm... It's important to wake up without any interference. A cold shower. Matcha Tea and a job that you like. It's not even a job for me - it's a hobby. Now I am not doing things I don't like and what does not please me.

What is beautiful for you?

It's when there is harmony.
Valery Zaitsev in Lipsky.Man
A little blitz. Message or call?

A call.

Cats or dogs?

Dogs. I have a french bulldog!

Do you respond to work emails in your spare time?

Yes, sure!

What is better to wear in summer, shorts or light pants?

I never wore shorts, since I considered it like beachwear. But this summer, I've been wearing shorts all the time.

How much time do you spend on beauty routines?

In reality, very little. Just a shower, oral hygiene and cream. Probably, that's all.

What is your favorite product?

Moisturizing cream by Shiseido. It's so good in the morning.

What is your favorite scent?

There are a lot of scents I like, it depends on the mood. Today is the Moon Dust from New York.
Valery Zaitsev in Lipsky.Man
If you had an account for stalking (anonymous spying), who would you follow?

For what purpose?

Business, personal matters...

Still, I start every morning with Instagram and Facebook. I follow everyone in the open! I am not concentrating on someone, multiple channels!

By the way, I don't like the word "fashion" much. It's about business. I don't want to be part of any kind of system, it's boring. Style - that's cool! But Balenciaga is not ;)

Hero or thief?

Of course, the thief!

If you had to play a thief, who would it be?

I would play the devil. I'm an atheist, but I like the duality concept. In general, the concept of divinity is a bit strange and contradictory, but at the same time it is appealing.

Should the bed be covered and nicely tidied up daily or not?

I'm all for the scrupulous neatness! If you came to my house, you would be surprised that someone lives here! Everything should be in place. System approach!

Which kiss would you like to have the most?

Of course from my wife, though I get it every day. It is the most desirable and sincere kiss.

How will you wake up tomorrow?

With my wife.
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