Like father, like son: a conversation with Mikhailo and Maxim Radutsky about holidays, family and principles

Conversation with Mikhailo and Maxim Radutsky in Lipsky.Man
Perhaps comparing father and son is not quite right, and we are not intending to. It is much more interesting to consider their relationship as a phenomenon: relatives can have quite different views on life. Talked to Mikhailo and Maxim Radutsky about fun, family and dinners.
Conversation with Mikhailo and Maxim Radutsky in Lipsky.Man
Mikhailo Radutsky

Where would you like to die?

At home!

What is fun?

Fun is to have joy, for any reason. Difficult question.

How do you deal with stress?

I'm sure the best antistress is a dog. It is always on your side and it will always make you smile.

If you were offered to reform the healthcare system, would you get on it?

I was offered, I got on it, but the problem is that people have a feeling of "someone is guilty of something", but changes can only apply by mutual wish of all parties. I did it and I won't do this anymore, it's almost impossible.

How can a person without the proper education perform functions that require special competence and skills?

Let's say, a doctor without skills cannot perform his or her duties. If we talk about the system again, first of all, the person needs education in management. For example, the Minister of Health should be a good manager first. Proven approach!

What is the most profitable holiday?

New Year, of course! Well, and the first day after Easter, because people keep fasting and get out of it like "kill your pancreas!"

What is most important in a family?

Family itself.

And what do you put into this concept?

First of all, the value of being together, the community and the ability to share.
How did you imagine your son?

He appeared so quickly that I had no time imagine. I was 19 at the time.
Do you have father and son days?

We don't have a separate day. I'm involved in his business anyway, and it's an ongoing process.

And which special rituals do you have?

Arguing and acting up for any reason! Just because we are people of different generations.

How important is it to look after yourself and what is more important: to look decent or to be good with words?

I would not separate these. It is impossible to say what is more important - it is tantamount. Appearance is important for health.

Why does our time look like this?

New principles and paradigms are being formed, there are processes of changing our worldview, and we are not 100% aware of what is happening.

What is your favorite dinner?

Homemade! It is not really important what's on the table. With dogs sitting on our heads. And also I love meat, without any impurities or sauces, just clean.

From any possible hairstyle, which one would you choose?

Conversation with Mikhailo and Maxim Radutsky in Lipsky.Man
Maxim Radutsky

Where would you like to die?

Lake Como.

Inside the lake or near it it?

Near it, it's better near it.
What is fun?

Fun is complete freedom.
How strong must a sense of humor be to make a project like a Сity Beach club?

There should be no sense of humor, but rather complete illiteracy and fearlessness.

How much stress does a vacation spot generate?

And how much stress does one day holds?

How do you deal with this?

Tried to drink, it doesn't help, drugs - never tried. I live with this project, but even if I'll try to distinguish myself from this, nothing will change.

How serious are you about people with big lips?

Is it him or her?


She is beautiful!

Have you ever wanted to share the information you know about the people having rest at your place?

No way! They will stop believing me and relaxing there.

What is the most profitable holiday?

New Year, however, we celebrate it in August.
What is most important in a family?

Understanding, stability and respect.
Did you want to be like your father when you was a child?

Yes, especially when he was engaged in the show business.

How important is it to look after yourself?

This is important, no doubt! But I think my case is to find a wife and ask her to handle it.

Do you have father and son days?

No, it can be fishing for a couple days. In general, not really.

What about rituals? Your father said "to argue"!

Well, it's more like a daily ritual!

Why does our time look like this and not the other way?

Because we create it ourselves!

What is your favorite dinner?

When it comes to the atmosphere, it is a classic steak house. But the filling - fried potatoes, herring, pickles. Anyways, like any other restaurateur.

Who inspires you from your environment? What is the top for you?

I have no idols. But there are projects I am inspired by.
Where to go? What are the three most important points to visit before death?

To visit – definitely Ibiza, because it is an incredible place that changes the idea of what club life is. Alaska is also worth visiting. Well, Miami.
Conversation with Mikhailo and Maxim Radutsky in Lipsky.Man
What makes a good party?

Mood and atmosphere. Nothing else!

And what is mood and atmosphere?

Well I won't say anything about these subtleties!

How will you start your morning tomorrow?

I'm going to the TV show tomorrow!

Do you try to control your emotions towards employees?

Yes, but I can't. However, this is ineffective: when I find myself thinking that the conversation has gone to a high note, the main point has gone. On the other hand, when a person just sits in front being slow for 40 minutes ...

What does stupidity mean?

Illogicality and confidence that everything is logical.

Two logical things about club business?

There is not as much money as it seems! Well, people should not sell alcohol and music, but mood.

Who would you most like to bring to the club?

Justin Timberlake.

What is the most played album in your car?

In my day-to-day life, music takes a lot so I just listen talk shows.
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